Aluminium or composite ?

These two materials are distinguished by their respective qualities. Reflecting the owners and designers preferences and type of sailing program, one or the other of these technologies becomes obvious for each individual project. Perfect knowledge of these different materials and technical processes gives CNB the advantage of offering its clients complete satisfaction using aluminum or composite.
This versatility gives the shipyard complete mastery of naval construction; it guarantees rigorous quality control and total independence in our technical and technological choices. A computer database was developed at CNB, creating a management system for purchasing and stock. The production management is also computerized with a software package specifically developed at CNB.

An historic material completely mastered by CNB. It shapes and curves precisely and welds to perfection. The talent of CNB's welders (Veritas certified) and sheet metal workers has been proven since 1987, by dozens of boats built of aluminum. Thanks to our construction process, the prefabricated parts, such as keelsons which can measure up to 25 meters, are adjusted to within a millimeter.

An initial step was made towards composite construction in 1993 with the undertaking of the finishing and interior fittings for the 25 meter maxi racers La Poste and Merit, (Whitbread 1993/94). In 1996 the team, specializing in this material was put into place bringing an unequalled experience of 15 years, during which time more than 150 catamarans destined for cruising and many racing boats were built. From 1999, the shipyard signed contracts for the first composite yachts. The first launching, Blue Sky Messenger (CNB 65), was in the first part of 2000 and since then we have built the celebrated Joy (CNB 74), Only Now (CNB 104), Simeron (CNB 82), Hamilton II (CNB 117), the CNB 105 and now the CNB 100 Chrisco.