As long time sailors we know that beyond the promises, our boats must be fast, seaworthy, comfortable and safe. We build them with the love of the sea and a constant commitment to quality craftsmanship. We build prestigious, unique masterpieces. We design each boat as if we ourselves were the future owners. We are especially proud of this philosophy as builders, as sailors and as yacht lovers.

When we decided to create CNB, in 1987, in the former "Chantiers et Ateliers du Sud Ouest" facilities on the banks of the Garonne River, we grounded CNB in a long tradition of boatbuilding and in a wonderful location just an hour away from Paris and a few hundred yards from the most famous Bordeaux vineyards.
Indeed, the oldest traces of naval construction in Bordeaux go back to 1467!
In the 1920's this shipyard employed more than 2,000.
Some remarkable achievements were made by the shipyards:
- 1818: The first French steam river boat
- 1911: The 5-mast France II, the largest motor sailor in the world at the time
- Torpedo boats and submarines for the navy and oil rigs.

CNB is situated on a 100 000 m2 facility with 44 000 m2 of covered buildings and a 300-meter waterfront quay facility for launches and sea trials. We have launched more than 90 yachts in different styles and materials: sailing and motor-yachts, aluminium and composite, custom monohulls and catamarans.
Since 1987, CNB has become one of the leading luxury boat builders in the world. Specialized in the building of superyachts, the Bordeaux yard has acquired an international reputation for the quality and the immaculate finish of its production. As early as 1994, CNB diversified and started to build work boats, fishing boats and yachts. In 2007, we started building a production monohull: the Bordeaux 60. In 2010, we launched a new brand to extend our offer: CNB Yachts, based on CNB Yacht Division's dual industrial and luxury yacht design expertise. This new semi-custom range of 60 to 80-foot yachts does not compromise on the quality and the spirit of excellence which have always been the trademark of our production but is offered at a very competitive price.

Versatility, a byword for quality
More than 80 % of our production is exported… and with our export success CNB's reputation has travelled the seven seas:

CNB's staff - more than 500 people (all trades included) - is the shipyard's vital force, immensely proud of the fantastic reputation our yachts have acquired around the world. Sheet metal workers, Veritas certified welders, laminators, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, painters, varnishers, woodworkers, cabinetmakers, marine carpenters, riggers, sailing crew, stock controller, maintenance crew, design office, project managers, boat managers, marketing and administrative staff.

The specialists in our design office work together with the most famous names in naval architecture to produce the technical construction plans, and then oversee their implementation in our workshops. They also collaborate with the decorators chosen by our clients giving our cabinetmakers the opportunity to demonstrate their internationally recognized know-how and talent.