Grand Bleu 86, 95, 105, 120

Architect point of view

The "Grands Bleus"

The 86', 95', 105' and 120' designs are directly inspired from recent CNB-built designs whose excellent properties we have assessed. All our expertise has gone into these designs to further improve comfort, performance and elegance:
For Comfort, we maintained the layout centered round a raised saloon, a perfect living space from which guests can enjoy a 360° view over the surroundings. For each boat size there is a choice of two layouts, one with fore cabins, the other with cabins aft. The cockpit is particularly large and extremely well protected behind the roof.
Performance is obviously an essential quality, even for cruising; beyond the speed factor, performance also improves seaworthiness, making the yacht more sensitive and easier to handle: owners will get much pleasure in sailing such a yacht.
Elegance is also essential. A yacht's main attribute is her beauty. Therefore a particular attention is being paid to our designs' aesthetics, and each new design retains a timeless elegance.
When designing these yachts, we try and respect a perfect balance between these three factors so that the owners truly enjoy their yachts, whatever may be their sailing programme.