CNB Experience

A state of mind

What is the CNB Experience? It's the life lived by CNB yacht owners, the people they meet, the relations forged between the CNB team and their customers through every stage of a project, culminating in making the owner's dream come true.

In this chapter, you will find out about some of the privileged moments shared by CNB owners, invariably intense and unforgettable moments: CNB Rendez-Vous are a good example of such moments, an experience you can relive through the images on our website!

"In Bonifacio, as the sun sinks below the horizon, night has not yet fallen, it is the blue hour... the yacht crews chat about their day at sea...
simple, precious moments…
life is good!"
Garance THIENOT - Champagne Thiénot / CNB Yacht Gathering sponsor
"See you next year, same time, same day, same place?"

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