Personal support


Buying a yacht really means bring a project to fruition: there is more to it than seeing the yacht  take to the sea for the first time, but also, being involved at every stage - defining the specifications, through construction and then follow-up – this is all part of the pleasure.  With this in mind, CNB provides our customers with a team of professionals, all experts in their specific fields, to support them throughout the project:

“For CNB, quality also encompasses the relations developed with the owners of our boats”
Thomas Gailly, CNB Yachts Brand Manager.



- technical advice to define the yacht
- a network of professionals to sell a previous boat
- financing packages



- a Project Manager available throughout every stage in production: visits to the shipyard, transparency regarding all operations, technical explanations
- support and follow-up regarding administrative formalities
- assistance in selecting fittings and equipment
- assistance finding a mooring
- assistance finding crew
- assistance setting up a charter/management plan
- handover of the yacht, over a period of a few days, at CNB’s landing stage and at sea
- technical and practical training in using the equipment onboard and simulation exercises
- the services of a CNB skipper during the first weeks of sailing


After, customer services

- qualified personnel to answer your technical questions
- a worldwide network of professionals, specialised in working on superyachts
- a competent, specialised and dedicated mobile team for each different model
- a strong and influential intermediary with suppliers of onboard equipment
- a spare parts sales service

So, support is not only provided while the yacht is being built, it entails a customer services relationship that goes a great deal further.
It would seem that our boats owners appreciate such a relationship, if the pleasure expressed by many of them during the CNB Yachts Rendezvous is anything to go by.